Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Freebie: my five minute prose test gone wrong

Two Wrongs don’t Make a Right

Mr. Wright had been wrong, but the young man didn’t know how to tell him. He needed to take a right not a left on Main Street. He asked the young man, “I take a left, right?”
“Right the boy said, and the man took that as meaning “turn right.” The young man thought it right to let Mr. Wright figure he had guess right when he turned left and thus led him in a roundabout way to his tenement house. Mr. Wright put the car in park outside of the young man’s place and asked if it wouldn’t have been easier to take a left on Main Street. I believe you are right, Mr. Wright. It would have been easier. “Then why didn’t you say something, young man?”
“I didn’t want to seem wrong in front of you, Mr. Wright, so I took you the long way to my home.”
“That was the wrong way to behave,” responded Mr. Wright.
“You’re right,” said the boy.
“I know who I am,” said Mr. Wright.
“You better learn your place and tell me when I’m wrong. You’ll go further in life.” The young man walked into his tenement and said hello to his landlord, Mr. Goode. “How was your first day at work?” asked Mr. Goode.
“Not bad” replied the young man, a fast learner.

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