Monday, July 4, 2011

Night on the Invisible Sun still going strong

Here is where the magic can be made
I am amazed and overwhelmed at the great reception of my first novel. Sales had stalled and 12 copies remained on Amazon for like a month. I posted a facebook message, not begging, but requesting those who would be interested to checkout the book while it is only $11.90. There are now six left, and what seems paltry to a NY Times bestseller is monumental to me. Every copy sold is like a fist pump for me, and it isn't about money or fame, those things drag a person down and zap the wrong personality out of their artistic modes, It's about loving what I am doing and hoping people will enjoy the book. It all depends on you once the pen has left my hand. And so far, you guys rock, and word of mouth is my only way of getting people to check it out, and slutting myself out at times by posting about the book, but here's to the buyer and reader. Keep it up and Amazon will be forced to buy more copies, and like I have said before. Mail me your copy and I will personally sign it and sign another free copy for you to give to someone. Each copy bought, I return the favor by buying a new book. Here's to those who helped me purchase Beckett and Camus' plays. Now to see which ones I like better. I must admit Sartre has set the mark high with No Exit and The Flies.

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