Monday, October 17, 2011


Over the past two years, I have submitted 163 fiction pieces to Submishmash.  6 have been accepted. That means that 3 and a half percent of my work gets accepted. I find this encouraging. I no longer submit a ton of works to any magazine. I have found the magazines I like, mostly online pubs, and if they don't like it, I realize the audience I care about doesn't. This makes submitting so much easier. I no longer submit to magazines like The New Yorker and other highly touted venues. This doesn't bother me. I like to see my work among fellow writers I like and recognize. I am beginning to learn their styles. I have enjoyed not caring about ever becoming famous. I will always write, regardless. It has actually opened up avenues of imagination by not worrying about whether a piece will make it or not, offend or not, be praised. Every once in a while someone will say: "I like this or that piece." What more could I want, especially since I liked writing this or that piece. Alex Haley received something in the neighborhood of 200 rejections for ROOTS. I would have bowed out long before that and moved on to another project. That heart and soul is poured into the pages doesn't really bother me if someone rejects what some authors call their babies. I have no babies. I would call them abortions. Something that came out and amounted to nothing like the plan was when it started anyways; maybe they are demon babies!

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