Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No Quarter

This is a short story that didn't get published at the two places I submitted it

No Quarter

But it wasn’t them. It was You.

Yes, I did it, and for the act I take partial responsibility. It could have been any of us.

But it wasn’t any of you. It was You. You alone are responsible.

I understand. I understand, but something you aren’t considering is if it hadn’t been me, it would have been another. Quite a significant fact if you really take it into account. I won’t allow anymore of this finger pointing, this blaming, this incessant child-like chiding. Aren’t you my wife? Doesn’t the ring around your finger signify better or for worse? Though this might be a ‘for worse’ scenario, you should be on my side when the levee breaks.

After the fact, my being absent, washing the children’s clothes at the river when all this took place, might warrant my taking sides, but there are no sides to take. One either does something or doesn’t do something, and you did something, and that something makes you guilty.

So you side with the sympathizers. You will send me to the dogs and not even stand by my side.

That word again—side. I am not on any side. And I would never leave you. I would never even hold this conversation outside of these walls, but I will not like the stares implicating you, through me, of guilt, next day I go to the market or when I walk the children to school.

So this is humanity? Others, present others, I should add, brothers in guilt can just go home after the incident and wash their hands and pronounce themselves clean. If a man judges you or I, it is because his own guilty conscience wishes to rid itself of the burden of guilt all present should feel. They use me as a scapegoat.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Stymie Magazine was kind enough to publish an old story of mine on fishing. Follow the link here