Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thoughts on Dark and Light:

Night, a far cry from daylight thoughts, descends an hour earlier. Like an enervated prayer where the ceiling of the room blocks the pleading from reaching heaven, from becoming revelation. In a sunny room, the same prayer as if from a desert sky would reach the heavens without impediment. This is what one is up against when daylight savings occurs. Books of alchemy say that darkness existed before the light. I find this supposition hard to believe. If matter, or the matter within ourselves is eternal, and created or animated by light, we must have always existed as light, for nothing is created, only formed. Darkness exists only as a place where the light has yet to penetrate. If I am to believe in darkness first and light second, I persist that Satan existed before Christ, and Christ disrupts or disturbs the cosmic congruency of eternity. If light did not always exist then darkness holds the keys to eternal mystery and light is but a poor newborn lock on the mystic door to the unknown. For some reason, this thought seems to throw my mind into a tossing sea and sets me off-balance. 

Robert Fludd, Utriusque Cosmi, 1617-1621.
Robert Fludd, Utriusque Cosmi, 1617-1621.

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