Friday, July 22, 2016

Northeastern Utah 2012-2014, "A Traveler's Vision"

Northeastern Utah 2012-2014, "A Traveler's Vision" 

Water, over a long period of time, carves out steps in the red rock near Donkey Flat. 

Lichens create an interwoven patchwork of vibrant colors on a rock near the ever popular Sand Wash Boat Launch, the gateway to Desolation Canyon.

Willow Valley adorned in her white robes of winter regalia.

A rearing tank located at The Jones Hole National Fish Hatchery (USFWS) holds young cutthroat trout. 

Certain desert plants look like they belong to the ocean floor. Caulanthus crassicaulis, thickstem wild cabbage, is one such plant. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I recently found this intro to the first chapter of Night on the Invisible Sun. It kind of states the philosophy behind how chapter one came to be. I wrote it when I was 25 years old. 14  years later I still don't mind it, which I can't say of most early writings.

Intro essay for chapter 1

The Tugs and Pulls of the Modern World

I lived under the false pretense that I would die young. I set the age of death at 21; whether consciously or unconsciously established I do not know, but I always knew that I would die before my 21st birthday. Come to find out later, all three of my brothers shared this same false pretense. Although all of us had numerous brushes with death—none of us died. And so, I can honestly say that meaning in life did not precociously bloom within my breast.  Everything I did in my life before the age of 21 was done under the two simple philosophies of action, reaction, and pleasure versus pain.