Tuesday, August 9, 2016

On Beauty: A short intro to Chapter 2 of Night on the Invisible Sun from 2008

I have many objections with this piece as with all the Intros that I wrote to the chapters of my first novel, but I shall not correct them, rather let the difference lay bare and one can see the novice mistakes and the change in thinking as my later works arrive, 'if they arrive' might be a more apposite designation.
The Birth of Venus by Boticelli 
Intro essay to Chapter II
On Beauty

Some would argue that wisdom derives from and is the proper application of truth, and that truth will ultimately set you free, and some might even insinuate that all truth, regardless of how awful the consequences of that truth is: is beautiful because it is eternal—ultimately some would say that beauty is the goal of all truth because the otherworldliness of said beauty cannot be moralized or contained by the vicissitudes or standards of this world. That truth sets one free is not so suspect—even the criminal will at times admit after being caught that he is now at peace because he no longer has to live a lie, and he will further admit that the proper penalty affixed to the crime is a relief for him to serve, but beauty? the end goal of all truth is something altogether different and harder to prove.